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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Home alone

Home alone
Yesterday my litte dog, Trigger was alone home with my husband. That was the first time I left him home for more then 7 hours. But remenber my husband was home. Trigger was sitting by the frontdoor waiting for me. He was crying, and waiting. I am glad I did not hear that. My husband went for a walk with him during the day, but when they got home again, Trigger started to cry again and sat waiting by the door. He would not either drink og eat while I was gone.
But when I came home, he was very, very happy. He jumped all over me, and liked my face, and jumped on my lap. Then we went for a walk, and it was raining badly. He did not like this, but he had to follow me. When we go home again, he slept on my lap, and followed me everywhere I went. He was really happy that I got home again.
Today he is very afraid that I shall leave him again, so he follows me everywhere. But I am not going anywhere today. But I have been walking with Trigger for 1 hour, and he sure did like that. Now he is sleeping, and is a happy dog again.
This is why I think it is so great to have a dog.
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