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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Home alone

Home alone
Yesterday my litte dog, Trigger was alone home with my husband. That was the first time I left him home for more then 7 hours. But remenber my husband was home. Trigger was sitting by the frontdoor waiting for me. He was crying, and waiting. I am glad I did not hear that. My husband went for a walk with him during the day, but when they got home again, Trigger started to cry again and sat waiting by the door. He would not either drink og eat while I was gone.
But when I came home, he was very, very happy. He jumped all over me, and liked my face, and jumped on my lap. Then we went for a walk, and it was raining badly. He did not like this, but he had to follow me. When we go home again, he slept on my lap, and followed me everywhere I went. He was really happy that I got home again.
Today he is very afraid that I shall leave him again, so he follows me everywhere. But I am not going anywhere today. But I have been walking with Trigger for 1 hour, and he sure did like that. Now he is sleeping, and is a happy dog again.
This is why I think it is so great to have a dog.
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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Today I will tell you more about my dog, Trigger. I am so glad that I have got a dog, because I get out every day. He is like a clock, and he tells med when he wants us to go for a walk.
Before I got this dog, I almost ever went for a walk. I had always other stuff to do. But no I really like this walks with my dog every day.
When we are out walking, I am talking to him. That is very great, because he cannot answere me, and he is always agree with me. He just looks at me with his beautiful eyes.

Today I took him to the park where we usually go everyday. But today I brougt a little ball.
Trigger was running after the ball, again and again. But he wanted me to come to him, so I could not stand still and wait for him to get back with the ball. No, I had to go to him and grab the ball again. This way I also got more out of this trip. When we got home I gave him a bath, and no he is sleeping and waiting for the next walk later on.

I met a lady today too with an other dog, and she told me that she had heard that dogs cannot see so good. We discussed this, but we were agree that this cannot be right. Both our dogs runs after cats which can be fare ahead of us, so we think that dog can see good too. I am wondering if anyone can tell me more about dog and there eyes. Can they see good or not?
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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My Little Dog

Today I would like to tell about my litte dog named Trigger. He is a Lhasa Apso. He is 15 months old, so he is still learning to be a good dog. But I love him. He is so cute. I am sure that this is the BEST DOG in the world. He follows me where ever I go.

This rase is comming from Tibet. The munks used them as a wacth-dog
The are small dogs, and I like that. Here are some great linkst about this rase:

My dog is not like the real look of lhasa Apso, because I have him cut every 4 months. I am not very exited about all that hear they have, and I would like so see there nice eyes

The best thing by having a dog, is that you have to go out of the house every day, even in bad weather. The dog is always your best friend. He never get tired of you, and he is never mad at you. He is always happy. But he get very spoiled too. He always gets the best, because he deserve it.
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